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Resale Subscription


Our resale program has one purpose. Help those with little income, generate more income. There is a cost associated with the products that are included in the initial resale program packet that is offset by a subscription fee of $30.00. This is a one time fee and might be considered as a “start-up” cost for individuals seeking to create more income.

Those with a subscription will be given a code which allows them to purchase the products found on this website at a substantially discounted rate. Every subscription includes a water resistant binder which allows for “on-the-go” storage of inventory, 20 greeting cards with envelopes, and 10 coloring post cards. The retail value of the cards is $65.

Non-profit organizations, schools, student groups, or those that concern themselves with the edification of others, may also join our resale program. If there are needs which require more than an individual subscription, media packs, or order forms, please email to set up a consultation by phone or in person to help us meet your group’s specific needs. We are in this together.

How do I sign up?

Follow this link.

How does it work?

By purchasing a subscription for $30, members will receive a water resistant binder, twenty randomly selected greeting cards, 10 randomly selected post cards, and a code for discounted pricing on the products offered on this website. This code can be entered upon checkout for additional orders. Orders for replacement inventory is the responsibility of the member, and will be distributed according to the information provided on the checkout page.

Who is qualified?

There are no restrictions on the resale program. If you are in need, simply purchase the resale program subscription and begin selling our products. There is no background check. There is no “proof of income” required. There are no business accounts. We will take your word. The world has enough hoops to jump through already.

It is our goal to work with organizations and groups to help create real opportunities for generating income. We are committed to helping those that help others.