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About Us


Compassion Waves Card Company encourages others to encourage others. We provide cards and gifts that will help in that endeavor. We offer resale programs for individuals and organizations which help generate income for both basic individual needs, as well as group projects.

Compassion Waves Card Company was born out of conversations between a father and son, over the course of years, which tackled issues such as poverty, homelessness, hunger, and the creation of joy. Twenty-five percent of every sale (not profit), will be donated to charities which provide housing, food, and clean water to those in need.

We are an experiment more than an idea. We are a response more than an innovation. We are “a way”, and not “the right way”, to do something that will affect the lives of others. Our goal is to be one part of a revolution that allows people to make time for sharing peace, hope, and love with those around them in a real way.

Our mission is simple.

"Change the world. One person, one day, and one smile at time.

Our Founders

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Kevin Thompson and his son Carter tell dad jokes, race remote control cars, play basketball, and spend time with Kevin’s wife and Carter’s mother Michelle (the glue that holds us all together). Carter works full time in the sixth grade, runs track, and imagines how he might help those around him more. Kevin mentors team members for an express tunnel car wash company and works on writing projects including RestingTimes.com